New Record, Live Shows and MORE!!!

Plague Dad, live at the Sun Tiki Studios in Portland, Maine, on Feb. 5, 2022. Photo by WillowPix.

Yeah, it’s been a while since the last post, but there’s been a lot going on.

The important thing is, there’s a lot coming up — not the least of which is a new record: a 10″, called Live At the Sun Tiki, or as we like to call it: L@ST.

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a live set, recorded live and in person at the Sun Tiki Studios in Portland, Maine, on February 5, 2022.

It’s limited to 25 lathe-cut copies, each with a different cover, and the art — from Seattle’s Bonz Fuchno — is hella cool. We’re gonna be rolling out Bonz’s covers on our Insta feed in the coming weeks, but the music itself isn’t going to be on any streaming service, or available anywhere else, for that matter – ’cause, you know, we want to be as commercially inaccessible as possible. The records will include a download code and they’ll be available for pre-order soon on our Bandcamp page, but when they’re gone, they’re gone.

We’ll be doing a record release party at the Brass Rail in Portland on Saturday, August 27, with our friends, Pine Tree Riot, and The House Flies, who headlined that infamous show at the Sun Tiki that ended up on the record. It’s gonna be a night to remember … and we’ll hold five copies of the record for the show, so if you miss out on the Bandcamp page, you can score one there.

Can’t wait for the Brass Rail show? No worries.

The folks at Mushroom Stomp Records were kind enough to have us stop by and record a set for them a couple of months ago, and it’s now officially up and running on their YouTube channel. If you’ve got a few minutes, stop by and check it out, ’cause it’s right there, below. We’re wicked proud of it, and Luke did a helluva job capturing the Plague Dad sound.

Not satisfied with mere video? Fine, come catch us live.

We’re playing in Bangor at G-Force on Friday, June 24, with River of Trees (a Mushroom Stomp band) and Peach Hat, who we were lucky enough to see at the Sun Tiki a couple of months ago. It’s gonna be a helluva show. Tickets at the door.

There’s a lot more coming up, too — including a couple of high-profile shows in Portland later this summer, a live set on USM’s WMPG in July, and maybe even a livestream or two, but more about all that later.

Stay tuned, and thanks for listening.

The new Plague Dad EP is featured in a WMPG-FM podcast, and stay tuned for upcoming shows …

Our new six-song EP dropped nearly two weeks ago now, and momentum around it continues to build — more importantly, people are still buying it over on our Bandcamp page, and for that we’re enormously grateful.

The new EP, titled, “Back In The Tree,” is a cassette-only release, in an opaque white shell with a clear Norelco case. It includes a lyric sheet, liner notes, stickers, and other cool insert stuff, as well as a digital download, too. It’s strictly limited to 100 copies, and there are still a few copies left to be had, but when they’re gone, they’re gone. There won’t be a second run.

Anyhoo, it’s been added to some Spotify playlists, and a few radio stations have started to play some of the tracks, too, but one of the things we’re most proud of is that Lorenzo, who hosts the Podcast Open Mic, gave it some serious play in the latest episode of his show.

Lorenzo was kind enough to devote an entire episode to Plague Dad last month, so to get some more positive attention from his show so soon is kind of a big deal, and we’re truly thankful for it.

You can listen to the episode, which also features a segment on Biddeford singer/songwriter/busker Jim Baumer, using the embed below.

Thank you – and some great news …

Hey, big, big thank you to all who ordered our new EP on the day it was released and beyond! We truly appreciate your support, because without it, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do – and while some folks might think that’d be a good thing, we’re thankful that there are enough of you out there who don’t.

If you ordered the cassette, the packages are going out today, so you should have it in your hands soon.

And if you follow us on Instagram, you might remember that Plague Dad was included in a compilation CD of tunes by Pat the Bunny covered by various folkpunk put together by a small label down in North Carolina, Eden Wolf Records. It’s limited to 100 copies and 100 percent of the proceeds go to support an organization called Books Through Bars, which get books to prisoners in a handful of mid-Atlantic states. It came out about a month ago.

We did a version of a classic protest tune, Urine Speaks Louder Than Words, and it’s available at the Eden Wolf site, and on iTunes, and probably a couple of other digital distro services, too. It’s also on Spotify.

Anyway, we just got word from the label that the CD is selling well, with a handful of copies left – and that digitally, our track is the top seller! Which means that more prisoners are getting more books. And that’s something we’re pretty goddam proud of.

Since the EP’s dropped, we’ve been fortunate enough to have gotten the single, They Ran Us Off, add to a couple of radio stations and Spotify playlists – and then there’s this one, too: Editorial Criolla – as the top recommendation for the week.

Thanks again to those who picked up the new EP – it’s still available via Bandcamp, and if you’re in Portland, you can also get a copy over at Strange Maine at 578 Congress St.

Plague Dad Played Amigo’s In Portland Last Week

For most of the summer, we’ve been setting up on Friday and Saturday nights down on Wharf St., in Portland’s Old Port, busking from about 10pm until the bars close – and last Friday was no different. It had been raining hard all day, though, and we weren’t sure we were going to get to play. But by around 10, the rain had cleared off and it turned into a rather nice evening, so we packed our gear and headed down to the Old Port to play a few sets.

Plague Dad – Live at Amigo’s in Portland, Maine’s Old Port, on Friday, Sept. 24, 2021

Now, usually, we’re competing against the live band that’s playing at Amigo’s, where they have an awesome outdoor patio and feature live music on Friday and Saturday nights. On this night, though, the rain apparently scared off whichever band was supposed to play, because when we rolled up at 10 to set up in the alley, the place was silent. Nothing happenin’ at all.

We talked briefly with the door man at back, who confirmed that the band had not shown up and there was no live music at Amigo’s that night.

So, sensing an opportunity, I grabbed my guitar case and went up to the front door. The door man took one look at me and said, hey, you guys playing here tonight?

“We sure are,” I said. “Is the manager around?”

Amigos Mexican Restaurant in Portland, Maine’s Old Port -a great spot for good food, the finest local beers and some of the best live music in town.

Yeah, somewhere, he said. You’ll find her.

And find her I did, behind the bar. I ordered a beer. As she place the ice-cold brew in front of me, I said, hey, I hear your band tonight didn’t show. Would it be okay if we played here?

She looked me up and down and said, who are you?

I told her that we’re a band called Plague Dad, and she might’ve heard us because we’ve been busking pretty much every Friday night out front of her joint for the last couple of months, and drawing a pretty good crowd, too. I explained that we had our own PA, our own mics, and that we were ready to go. All we need is a small space to set up in.

She thought about it for a moment and said, eh, never heard of you. I think we’re good, but thanks for stopping by.

Thankfully, though, three of the servers who working there that night were standing near by and heard the conversation.

Alanna White, who also happens to be the Head Chef at the East Ender, piped right up: Did you say Plague Dad, she said? I said yeah, that’s us, and we were hoping to fill in if here tonight if nothing else is going on.

I’ve heard you guys, she said, out there busking every Friday – you guys are awesome!

Alanna turned to the manager and said, hey, these guys are great – you’ve got to let them play here tonight. They’d be perfect, and people will love them.

And so, based on that particularly credible personal testimony, the manager gave us the go-ahead. I can’t pay you, she said, but you can play for tips.

Lorenzo, host of WMPG’s
Podcast Open Mic show.

Good enough. We grabbed our gear – a Roland Street Cube Ex, two mics, two mic stands, my guitar and mandolin, and Mig’s percussion rig – and set up in the corner of the patio.

Fifteen minutes later, we were underway, and an hour later the place was packed and people were rockin’ out and having a great time.

We set up our case for tips, just like we were busking out in the alley, and people must have liked what they heard, because they were extraordinarily generous that night. We also sold four records – which you can pick up here at Bandcamp, if you’re so inclined.

We did manage did to get a few pictures that night – one’s posted above – but more importantly, Lorenzo, who who host’s WMPG‘s Podcast Open Mic show, was in the house and managed to record pretty darn near the whole set for his show. Word is, it’s gonna be go live soon, and we’ll post the link as soon as we get it.

And with any luck, we’ll be back at Amigo’s soon to do another show.